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EventScore was created to help event organizers maximize promotion and attendance. Utilizing years of experience in event sales, marketing, and promotion, our team discovered one of the most underused resources was free event promotion websites.

These websites have millions of visitors per month looking for events in their area to attend and include local sources such as online newspapers, television, and radio stations. Many sites also send email updates on interesting events to millions of people.

Making sure your event is promoted on all of these is time consuming and difficult to keep track of, so EventScore provides a fast and easy way to search all of these sites in a single search.

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The service is for event organizers, marketers and promoters who want to check if their event is being promoted to the maximum audience of potential event attendees.

Our search includes nationwide, local and specialty event promotion sites and mobile apps as well as social sites in the United States.

We search over 1500+ free event promotion sites, mobile apps and social sites, and are continuously adding more.

We calculate your EventScore using a proprietary formula that takes into account all of the possible promotion sites relevant to your event type and location as well as presence on social sites.

By submitting your event to more promotion sites. We can submit your event, on your behalf, to all of the promotion sites where your event was not found. For more information, click the button in your EventScore Report.

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